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Harley-Davidson announce RS Bike Paint as a preferred paint provider for Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific & Latin America

RS Motorbike Paint are very proud to announce that in February 2022, they became a Harley-Davidson Preferred Provider. Adam Chan, Harley-Davidson's Service Parts Manager said "We are pleased to announce a preferred provider agreement has been reached with RS Motorbike Paint LTD for touch up paint within the EMEA/AP/LA regions.  RS Motorbike Ltd have proven to be a capable and quality manufacturer of Harley-Davidson certified colors and paints.  Founded in 1978, this family business, run by Heidi and Phil Allen, provide a first-class service to customers all over the world.  They are excited to work with Harley-Davidson and very proud to represent our brand." We couldn't agree more and look forward to serving Harley Davidson dealers! If you need paint for your classic 1990's FLHS Electraglide Sport  or this year's XL 883N Iron , we're here to help!

RS Motorbike Paint - approved by Triumph worldwide to supply paint in touch up, aerosol or for spraying

RS Motorbike Paint are proud to be Triumph Motorcycle's Globally Approved Paint Supplier , supplying paints for touch-up, aerosol and spray gun use.  It all started in the 1950s...... It all started with our founder, my dad, Arthur Bancroft, who was an avid Triumph rider back in the 1950s. Trained by ICI as a colour technician, dad realised you couldn't routinely source paint for motorcycles with the same ease as you could car colours.  So he customer panel at a time, creating colour matches and recording them. (Driving my mum mad with all the rusty old tanks on her kitchen table....) They set up the business together in 1978 and f ast forward to the present day, that same business is now run by Heidi and her husband Phil Allen.  We now have more than 50,000 colours for over 160 motorcycle manufacturers , from Adler to Zundapp, with colours ranging from 1902 to today. Our records include ancillary colours such as engine and frame paints, as well as main tank a

RS Motorbike Paint - Kawasaki Europe's Approved Paint Supplier. Touch up, aerosol paint and for spray gun.

RS Motorbike Paint are proud to be Kawasaki Europe's Approved Paint Supplier , supplying paints for touch-up, aerosol and paint gun use.  Our paint database is unrivalled - anywhere in the world We are Kawasaki Europe's approved supplier and are recommended by dealers and bodyshops everywhere. Our database of over 50,000 motorcycle and scooter paint colours enables us to match your original motorcycle paint, even if you don't have a paint code. Our records include ancillary colours such as engine and frame paints, as well as main tank and panel colours. Our paints are a mixture of basecoat solvent, water based and cellulose, depending on the age of the colour and complexity of finish. If you have a specific requirement, please ensure you let us know before you order. We can supply paint for your classic Z1 A or this year's Z H2 SE . Give us a try - we even surprise ourselves sometimes with the depth of our colour library! All paints are available in small 25ml touch-up

RS Bike and Car Paint also supply car paint for touch up, aerosol & spray gun use!

We can also supply car paint. We can mix paints for all the major car and commercial manufacturers including classic paints. If you cannot find your colour , do not hesitate to contact us as we are very likely to have it. (Some of our oldest colour formulations are actually still held on microfiche!) We can match all the major car manufacturer colours by paint code - eg Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Honda, Mercedes, Mini, Peugeot, Renault, Subaru, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen...... We can supply all paints in 25ml touch up bottles for stone chips, 400ml aerosol cans for larger repairs and 250ml upwards for spraygun use.

Common paint defects - what causes them and how to fix them....

Orange peel, crazing, fish eyes and all that fun.......... BLEEDING, BLISTERING, BUBBLES, CHALKING, CHIPPING, CISSING / CRATERING, FISH EYES, DUST, SINKAGE, HAZE, ORANGE PEEL, OVERSPRAY, PEELING - FLAKING, PIN HOLING, SAGGING, SANDING MARKS,  SPRAY DUST, WATER MARKING AND WRINKLING....we've got you! Here is a run down of the most common defects, what causes them and crucially how to fix them ....